Saddle Tree Component Information


  • REGULAR: Designed with a double stirrup leather groove on the bottom of the bar.
  • ARIZONA: A heavier bar recommended for steer roping and heavy usage.  These bars are made with single stirrup leather groove on the bottom of the bar giving extra strength, but still enabling the stirrup leather to fit well.
  • ARAB-FLARE BARS: Any style of tree can be made with shorter bars to fit an Arabian.
  • MULE-BARS:  Bars designed to fit mules, can be ordered for any style tree.

In addition to fitting a horse well all of the above bars are usually built up in the front of the seat with a smaller rise.  The small triangular-shaped block gives a more streamlined effect, and can be removed to create a level or balanced ride tree.


There are generally four different gullet widths to fit the withers and backs of different size horses.

  • Narrow Horse – 6”
  • Semi-Quarter Horse -  6 ¼”
  • Quarter Horse -  6 ¾”
  • Full Quarter Horse – 7” (Also has wider bottom bar spread)


There are many different types of cantles being used today, but the more common styles are:

  • Regular Oval: The most widely used cantle today usually come 3 ½” high.
  • Comfort:  Squared up on the corners with a slight dip in the center.  It gives more support for the rider and is usually 3” high.
  • Shovel: Was the style at the turn of the century.  It comes with a straight or beveled edge, and is usually 4 to 6” high and no wider than 12 ½”.

The dish in a cantle will vary in size from 0 – 2”, increasing ½” between sizes.